Team Building

ThyPower Leadership Learning Activities for Corporate and All Adult Events

CYJ hosts ThyPower’s outdoor leadership program, which is focused on restoring your self-reliance through outdoor activity-based and problem-solving challenges.  ThyPower’s program was developed by professional executives, engineers, and retired special operations military personnel to challenge individuals and help teams bond through shared commitment to success.


  • Flexible program length: 2 hours to an overnight activities
  • 8 activities to chose from
  • Hand’s on training
  • DIY activities (build a raft/bridge/catapult)
  • Obstacle Course

Our activities range from 2-hour recreational events, to 4-hour challenges, up to an overnight campout.  Some of ThyPower’s activities are headcount limited, so sign up early.  The program includes all the needed equipment, safety instruction, facilitators, and refreshments.

2-hour Activities

  • Pinewood Derby racing
  • Competition paintball
  • Obstacle Course and Kayak Racing

4-hour Activities

  • DIY / Engineering – Build a device (ie. Bridge, Catapult, Raft)
  • SWAT and Military formation tactics
  • Group Ropes course
  • Personal challenge Ropes course

Overnight “Survival” Campout

  • Navigation
  • Shelter
  • Cookout
  • SWAT tactics
  • Perform a mission



Pinewood Derby

Just like you may have done in Scouting, this activity lets you build your own Pinewood Derby race car to race in competition against other participants.  See if you can beat the track record.


Competition Paintball

We provide all the gear to play paintball in a variety of game formats.  Proper safety procedures and basic tactics are taught, then bring it to your opponents in multiple rounds of game play.


Obstacle Course and Kayak Racing

Be ready to burn some energy on our obstacle course, then “relax” on crystal clear Cypress Creek in 1-man kayak racing.


Build a Contraption

You will be teamed up to compete in our ultimate engineering design challenge.  Use a set of provided tools and materials to build a complex contraption, from boats to catalpults.


SWAT & Military Formation Tactics

Learn how to make split second life and death tactical decisions by learning and practicing SWAT assault techniques, and point of domination military tactics.


Group Ropes course

Build your teamwork and trust through a series of ropes course activities, such as falls, logs, spider web, and the traverse.


Personal challenge Ropes course

Challenge yourself to master high ropes course activities


Overnight “Survival” Campout

Spend the day learning some survival techniques, basic military tactics, enjoy a group cookout, then camp overnight under the stars.