Your community will feel at home!

Over 60 years of hospitality experience custom made to answer all of your spiritual needs

Our retreat center philosophy is to answer the spiritual needs of any religion and we have experience hosting events for Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and many other religions. CYJ -Texas is open and accessible for all your religious organization’s decorations, music, customs and rituals. Our meeting spaces are designed as a “white canvas” for you to make CYJ – Texas your home for the weekend. Our camp has advanced projection, sound and lighting systems that you can use for your stay and reliable Wi-Fi for you to stream your services to the community


  • Freedom to Decorate and make the meeting space your own
  • 24/7 coffee, tea and beverage station
  • Outdoor chapel overlooking Cypress Creek
  • Padded chairs
  • Flexible meeting spaces and scheduling