Meet the Staff Mondays

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Ximena De la Fuente 

Director of Sales and Customer Success


Ximena hails from Texas. She has a BA in Advertising and just received her MBA from UT last May. She’s previously worked in marketing, TV, resource development, interactive media, graphic design and grant writing for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. She’s had a myriad of jobs, which also include being a kayak and paddle board tour guide, ESL teacher, kindergarten art teacher, French tutor, graphic designer, copywriter and many others. Other than that, Ximena has a passion for social issues and has done volunteer work in countries like Croatia, Haiti, Mexico and Guatemala.

Favorite food: My favorite foods are mint chocolate ice cream and Thai food but definitely not together.

She’s never without: I’m never without sugar and I always have some kind of candy on me at all times.

Favorite motto: Enjoy the little things.

If you really knew her, you’d know: I still enjoy cartoons, I eat peanut butter out of the jar and I’m allergic to cats, cantaloupe and mushrooms.